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‘To make a positive contribution to humankind by providing the tools to improve physical and mental wellbeing, whilst creating a safe environment for personal growth.’


Mike & Tina

We understand how stressful life can be, how physical and emotional strain can take hold of you making everyday life tough and leaving you exhausted and drained. Tina and I speak from experience, having worked in education in London for a number of years. From inner city primary schools to a pupil referral unit in East London supporting and educating young people with challenging behavior and complex needs.

We have always felt a need to help and support others, having gone through tough times growing up we were lucky that we had family and the support around us to help us develop and grow. Tina trained as a Reflexologist and I took a Cert Ed. in Psychodynamic Counselling and Organisational Dynamics. Tina still uses her Reflexology at the centre and although I did not continue with my studies I felt that the course has given me great skills to support you on your Float journey.

We Floated in 2011 to help us de-stress, relax and take a break from the outside world. It was the best thing we had ever done! I knew from that first Float that I would open a centre. We were hooked and Floated on a regular basis, we found the benefits were not only physical but mental as well. We both felt a lot more grounded, the Float pods helped us grow and develop. It allowed us to gain a deeper understanding of ourselves, a reflective safe space that allowed us to be reflective and look at changes we needed to make to be happier in our lives.

Tina moved to Reading in 2012 and I followed a year later, it took me over 2 years of planning before we opened in July 2015. We brought Floatation to Berkshire to help people from all walks of life and give them the opportunity to use Floatation as tool to aid them physically and mentally.

We hope Floating brings you as much joy and support as it did for us.

Michael & Tina



Floating Point
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Bourne House, Horseshoe Rd,
Pangbourne, Reading, RG8 7JQ

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