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‘I believe in our culture we need certain socially accepted places where we don’t answer the telephone, we don’t have to answer questions or agree with anyone on anything’

— John C Lilly, Neuroscientist and floatation pioneer


The Basics

As you can see John C Lilly was onto something, if that was the case in the 60’s/70’s then it is even more relevant and important now in this fast moving age where our senses are overloaded on a daily basis. Floating is a way to pause the hectic, saturated world and enter a state of deep mental and physical relaxation.

By giving yourself a break from the endless input of sensory experiences, your mind has a chance to recharge, rest, and emerge to face the world with renewed perspective and energy. Otherwise known as floatation-REST (restricted environmental stimulation technique) or sensory deprivation, floating is backed by research and offers immense potential for personal growth and healing.

Your floating environment

At Floating Point you will have your own room and specially designed float pod. The pods are 8ft x 5ft, filled with over 1000lb of Epsom salt dissolved in the water. The water is denser than the Dead Sea, so you will float right on top—we promise! This means that, after normalizing to the silky water, you will have no tactile input on your skin and no pressure points running along your body. You will be fully supported, and you will expend no physical energy to maintain your position in the water.

The water and air inside the tank are heated to skin temperature, which feels warm at first but soon becomes almost imperceptible. The line between the air and the water becomes blurred. When you choose to turn out the lights, your eyes can rest to the comforting darkness just the same as when you open or close them. External sounds are kept to an absolute minimum through earplugs, and the design of the pods themselves.


Floating Point
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